A Convergence #0 Review (that is actually positive!)

A Convergence #0 Review (that is actually positive!)


I must admit that I have dropped some DC books in the last few months.  I love the characters more than Marvel, but the stories just aren’t there for me.  I do still read Batman with Snyder and Capullo as well as Batman and Robin.  I’m behind on Superman, Justice League, JLA and a few others.  I have them, I just really haven’t been too excited to read them. When I heard of this new event called Convergence, I rolled my eyes again.  I have not enjoyed many of DC’s recent big events like The Trinity War and Forever Evil. I also have a disdain for multi-verse things.  Hickman has really burned me out on this stuff, I have to be honest.  I’ve never been more confused than when reading a series like Avengers/New Avengers.  Now DC seems to be doing the same thing, or similar thing at least.  I was confused as to what Convergence was supposed to be but I dove in with skepticism.

What I expected or hoped that this series would do is just end the New-52 all together.  Pretend it is on Earth 932 or something.  I simply not interested in the New 52 (which is no longer new) like I used to be, Snyder’s run being the exception.  

just want my old DC back.  It has been taken from me...

I want to see Batman and Sups costume changed back to what it used to be.  I want old Justice League.  I want old continuity back, or at least continuity that makes sense.  Sadly this event is not doing that.  It will be short and who knows if it will have ramifications.  I doubt it.

The idea of Convergence is that you will meet alternate or old continuity versions of the characters through the last 30 years or so.  You will see old school Superboy, be taken back to when Louis and Clark were married, see Nightwing and Oracle back together, Batman and the Outsiders, Azrael back as Batman, things of that nature.  That really excites me because I have both connected with these characters and am familiar with the alternate versions of them.

This series is a two month long event.  All the comics  that are currently going on will be in hiatus while other creators are taking a crack at this...

There are two tie-in comics for just about each series, and the main one simply titled Convergence that will be a weekly 8 part series.  None of the new 52 characters will be involved in the large scheme of things.   This seems like a simple, fun idea. We don’t have to have a super long, convoluted, two year excursion into what is going on.  It it just happening.

Big bRaniac 2015-04-05 at 2.52.14 PM

IMG_2847With that all in mind, I  really enjoyed Convergence #0 by Dan Jurgens .  I’ve read a few reviews here and there, but I don’t share their same low opinion of this issue.  Perhaps I am a simple man and just don’t get what is wrong with it.   There isn’t a ton of great action in this comic.  It is dialogue heavy and clearly setting up what is to come.  We see here that Superman has been put in some sort of limbo area.  It is controlled by…Braniac!  And a huge Braniac at that.  He shows Superman visions of another time.  This is my favorite part for sure!  We visions of sacrifice, of death.  A few of my favorite things were seeing the Death of Superman with the pose right and everything, seeing Kingdom Come Superman, Redo Son Superman and Superman sacrificing himself in Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman.  Braniac then captures Superman and says he is heading to Earth.  How is Superman going to leave this limbo?

We soon meet another Braniac!  Actually several.  I love seeing them as again it brings a sense of history and continuity that is Braniacs 2015-04-05 at 2.54.10 PMcurrently lacking the New 52.  Superman is not amused at seeing this spectacle.  Braniac explains that he has taken forty universes and put them into a small glass like the bottle of Kandor.  These are then placed next to one other and they will duke it out.  He explains to Superman that he can go anywhere, see all these different universes and live in the one he likes the most.  Superman says he wants to go back to earth, back to where he knows things best.  Braniac refuses.  Superman gives it all he can, but Braniac will not be swayed.   He mentions the Master.  We learn that there is one all powerful Braniac that has been connected some how to all of these universes.  These Braniacs all answer to him.  The Master is the first Braniac, the big guy that we saw in the first few pages. Then the Braniacs sends Superman into the abyss.

This issue worked for me on several levels.  I loved seeing the older characters, I loved the dialogue,  I love the set up.  It sets up a grand stage in my opinion.  It gave a great sense of foreboding.  The art was up and down, but that is a minor complaint.  This gets me really excited for the series as well as the spinoffs.

"Marv Wolfman back on the Teen Titans?  Yes please...

They frankly all look intriguing because I want to go back  and visit these great stories.  I will be picking up Superman, Batman as well as Batman and Robin and Teen Titans.  There are many more that I want to get but I would have to spend a ton of money.

On a side note, I think you could probably just read Convergence, the main series, and be just fine.  I read the Death of Wolverine which was just four issues long and did not feel like I was really missing out on important things that were in the thousand other tie-ins.  I do however think you would miss out on MAJORLY important things if you didn’t all if Hickman’s work in Avenges and New Avengers.   I suppose it is a personal choice but I say enjoy the ride, pick what you like, and let’s see where this event will lead us!


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