Jeremy’s Top 5 List for DC Comics…

Jeremy’s Top 5 List for DC Comics…


Topping my list for favorite all-time DC heroes is the big blue boy scout himself. As much as I love some key comic book versions, my favorite incarnations are from the Bruce Timm Justice League and Adventures of Superman cartoons. From his messianic origins through his latest films, Superman and his mythos have always resonated at a spiritual level for me. I want to be Superman.

One of the few characters in major DC continuity that has had a real character arc over the years. Watching Dick Grayson go from Robin the sidekick, to Nightwing the hero as a teenager, galvanized his place in my mind. I wanted to step out of the shadows and into a leadership position and Nightwing actually did it. I am also a HUGE fan of the way his character was treated in the short-lived Young Justice series. Eventually, he will be Batman. Or, has he? Or was that old continuity - ok, now I’m confused.

He’s Batman. What else do you need?

Green Lantern (John Stewart)
Though I am not a fan of the comic book Green Lantern universe, I love it in the Bruce Timm version. John is one of my favorite characters and is the perfect blend of soldier, cop and hero. My hopes are that this is the version of Green Lantern that will work its way into the DC Cinematic Universe.

Jack Kirby 70’s Characters
From Kamandi to the New Gods, I love Jack Kirby’s DC work in the 70’s. The scale of the stories and the art is just unparalleled! I know this only counts as one, but is a ton of actual characters - but, hey, it’s my list!

Top 5 Villains

Kirby’s Cosmic God of Evil. This guy is the ultimate bad dude for me. No chance for redemption and completely given over to his universe-ending agenda. Whether it is in the comics, animated version or even the Superpowers toys, Darkseid is the ultimate adversary for the DC Universe.

Mister Freeze
As you can probably tell, I am a sucker for Bruce Timm. Paul Dini teamed up with Bruce for an episode of Batman: The Animated Series called “Heart of Ice”. This BY ITSELF, placed Mister Freeze in my top 5. If you have not seen it, watch it.

He’s the Joker. What else do you need?

Deathstroke // Slade Wilson
Having emerged in issues of Teen Titans in my teenage years, Deathstroke had the best costume and fight scenes ever. Peréz and Wolfman created a masterpiece with this guy. Other memorable moments include the great fight scene in Identity Crisis, where Deathstroke almosts takes out the Justice League single handedly!

The only guy on the list that makes Darkseid nervous. The Anti-Monitor shows up in Crisis on Infinite Earths and is the key bad guy! Anyone who arm wrestles God is cool to me.

Least Favorite Heroes

Now for the quick list of guys I don’t care for. Please note that I reserve the right to take these guys off the list if I ever read anything that makes me care about them.

  • Hawkman - I don’t care for any version of this character. Funny, because I love Hawkgirl.
  • Booster Gold - I think his is supposed to be obnoxious - he’s in the same boat with Deadpool for me. I wish someone would sink it.
  • Spectre - He is like a walking, white-skinned, plot device.
  • Swamp Thing - Ok, so I have not read the Alan Moore stuff. Maybe I should. He just looks like the Junk Lady from Fraggle Rock to me.
  • Green Lantern // Hal Jordan - He’s a jerk who wines all the time. Never cared for him. I love the ring and the corp. The only really story where I have liked him at all is New Frontier. If he was portrayed in that light, I could get into him. Not a Geoff John’s fan, so Hal is at the bottom of my list.

Thanks for listening. What do you guys think?

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